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14th February 2021

Happy Valentine’s Day! It seems quite the big deal this year if social media is anything to go by.

I started the week off by crying in the bath watching this is us. If you haven’t seen it, make it a priority it is quite possibly the most beautiful program, I have ever watched and I have literally experienced every single emotion whilst watching it.

On Tuesday I did my first JSA workout in months, it felt so good and I really enjoyed it. Then I couldn’t walk for the next few days.

Wednesday saw something huge happen in our house. As some of you know we want to move house, this means there is lots to be done, one of them being our HUGE wardrobe from our bedroom to the spare room, allowing us to walk around the end of the bed without going sideways. I have nagged, stomped my feet and even cried to get this moved and this week the husband did it, I am so happy. What am I going to moan to him about now though?

Thursday, the husband cooked dinner, after I had sorted out the contents of the newly moved wardrobe, I was looking forward to watching the vanishing at the Cecil hotel whilst he cracked on in the kitchen, which was interrupted several times by questions such as “where is the….?” Still it was delicious.

Friday I had a zoom call with some friends, lots of wine and laughs and mid call a delivery arrived, some lovely galentines day biscuits from my friend at BebBakes, who was actually on the call.

Saturday, I did some real through clearing out, I’ve had this suitcase, that I’ve been lugging around for years which is full of old stuff, including my school year book and my national record of achivement (that’s how old we‘re talking!) I went through the whole thing – and threw most if it out – old photos, work stuff, bank statements, I felt so cleansed after. I decided to get myself a cuppa, my galentines biscuits, delicious, and watch it’s a sin. Oh. My. God. Utterly brilliant, brilliant acting and quite frankly a shocking story about the way people were treated, I’m so glad the world has moved forward. I cried so much, like ugly cried, I was so moved.

Today the husband gave me a perfect card, some beautiful roses and some yummy chocolates. As the day went in I started feeling deflated, I felt really positive and happy yesterday and today the opposite, no warning, no gradual decline, just bleugh. I was just about to sit down and have a little pity party when I remember there was something I wanted to do and my mood was lifted. By the time the sun was going down, I had turned the spare room into a (my) dressing room and am now sat, freshly bathed, with a glass of wine. Cheers.

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