I hit 100

Last night, I finally got 100 followers on medium 124 in fact. I was excited to wake up this morning and apply to join the partnership program.

Imagine my surprise when I logged on to my profile to see I only had 56 followers . Why had so many people unfollowed me? Had that many people looked at my page and though wtf is she on about?
Then I saw that I was only following 64 people, which was definitely wrong.
I went to the partnership program application page and thankfully noticed a pop up saying there was a technical error. Phew. There was no mass exodus of people unfollowing me.
Typical that this would happen as soon as I get enough followers, but it was resolved very quickly.
I used this time I read through how it all works and set up a stripe account so that hopefully, one day, I will get paid to write.

It’s strange really, even though I have read that it’s not particularly easy to get paid on the platform, the fact that I can now be part of it has given me a bit of a confidence boost.
I can submit my writing to the online publications within medium and there are also lots of articles advertising submission for external publications such as magazines. How exciting!
For me to even just to pitch for an article (something I will need to learn how to do) feels like such a huge step for me.
After 5 years of setting up my blog on WordPress, I finally “feel” like a writer, but really I always have been.

You can follow me on medium here ❤️ https://thisisstillme.medium.com/

2022-04-15 10:03:29

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