3 Podcasts I am listening to

The majority of my podcast library is true crime, which I love, but sometimes when I wake up at 4am and want to listen to a podcast on my sleepmask, I don’t really want to be listening to how someones got murdered in their own bed.

So I have thrown some less sinister ones into the mix and these are my current faves.

The Wolf & The Owl.

My mum actually told me about this one after I watched an episode of King Gary and told her how funny I thought Tom Davis & Romesh Ranganathan were in it.

There is no format to the show, but this just seems to work and you can tell that these two are genuine friends, the only problem is it doesn’t help me get back to sleep as I am too busy laughing.

Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombes Parenting Hell.

I LOVE Rob Beckett. I’ve seen him live many times, but I hadn’t bothered to listen to this podcast as I thought that being about parenting, I wouldn’t be able to relate to it. I was wrong. Another laugh out loud podcast, that us non parents can and will still enjoy!

LuAnna: The Podcast.

I was unsure about this one. I love Anna from Celebs go Dating, but I didn’t really know much about Luisa, apart from a few brief appearances on The Mummy Diaries (yes, I love reality TV what can I say?) I really enjoyed it. Its funny, its honest and its refreshing.

The thing I love about all of these podcasts, is the friendships that are clear. They all bounce of each other and it flows really naturally. It makes me think I could do a podcast with my friends, but I am not sure I would want those conversations out there in the world!

2022-04-20 12:14:15

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