I can’t even

Monday 15th June 2020

I wake up feeling like I’ve been drugged. I begrudgingly manage to tear myself out of bed and go downstairs to fire up my laptop.
My eyelids feel like they are made of lead. I log on to find that I have a 121 with my boss at 10:30, I really don’t think I can cope with this today, I feel too shit.

I complain to the husband that I just can’t deal with it all today and he agrees when I say I might call in sick, so I do. I spend the entire day in and out of sleep, watching Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

I feel like I just need to rest, anyone would think that I’d run a marathon at the weekend the way I feel. I take myself off to bed, I’m seeing the bestie tomorrow and could do without feeling like this.

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2020-06-15 16:11:00

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