Help With Confidence, Tips For Anxiety & How To Avoid Putting Things Off

Things I’ve seen and heard this week

If you follow one person on Instagram to improve your life

Make it James Smith. I just had to share this post from him last week, it was something I really needed to see so I’m sure others will too. James will not only teach you a lot about exercise, but also about mindset and personal growth. I’m excited to get started on his third book How to be confident this week.

If you’ve been avoiding doing those important tasks

Read this article from Lifehack. There are some great strategies to help with procrastination and I can definitely use some help with that, so I’ll be putting some of these into place through this week.

If you want some tried and trusted tips to reduce stress and anxiety

Stylist has this article is packed with great tips on how others reduce their stress and anxiety. My anxiety has been pretty bad this week so I was grateful for this.

If you love a good wedding

Watch Married At First Sight UK I’m so excited that it’s finally back on our screens! As expected, the drama starts fairly quickly at the end of this week we have seen quite a few weddings already, with more drama to unfold next week.

If you love looking at beautiful houses

Netflix is now showing the sister program of Selling Sunset. The Oppenheimer group branched out to Orange County, bringing us Selling The OC which means more drama and more beautiful houses. The house with the retracting roof is amazing!

Song of the day

Here’s this weeks playlist.

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