3 Positive Things That Happened During A Relatively Negative Week

Despite a somewhat negative week, I always enjoy being able to look back and remind myself of the positives and as usual, there were plenty.

Spending time with family
I started the week off well. I had breakfast with my brother and we had a good catch up, then I went to see my parents and sat in the garden with them. I don’t see my family as much as I would like to, so when I do I really cherish it.

A girls night
It feels like forever since I’ve seen any of my friends, so I was so excited to get out of the house and go round to my friends for dinner on Wednesday. We hardly stopped talking and it was a welcome break from the thoughts whirring around my head.

Updating my vision board
I haven’t been happy with my vision board since I updated it a few months ago, it felt all over the place and cluttered, just like my head. So giving that a much needed update as well as using it as an excuse not to do something else made me feel better.

I’m really looking forward to some cosy days in my sanctuary now the weather is cooler. I love autumn

What went well for you this week? ❤️

2022-09-03 08:16:25

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