Goodbye 2022 and Hopefully To My Christmas Cough Too

I’m one of “those” people who is glad Christmas is out of the way.

I did have a really lovely time though. We spent Xmas eve visiting my Nan & grandad and my brother & sister in law came with my niece, who gave me lots of lovely cuddles.

In the evening, we went to my parents and I got way too drunk. On Christmas morning, we left Essex, picked the kids up, went home for a short while to open some presents and then off to the besties for Christmas dinner.

She had 20 people to dinner (that is not a typo!) We played fun games, sang Christmas songs, drank, and ate as the festive season requires. It was a truly lovely day with lots of special memories made.

On Boxing Day, I was shattered, I lounged around all day watching film after film, eating Christmas crap, followed by a Chinese takeaway.

On Tuesday, I tried to move around a bit more, have a bit of a tidy up and worst of all, leave the house to go and collect my car from the bestie’s house, I forgot I had driven there on Christmas day and I just wanted to stay indoors in the warm. I had developed an annoying cough and wasn’t feeling 100%.

On Wednesday, the cough lingered after keeping me up for some of the night, so I decided to hunker down and do some writing.

I was thinking about goal-setting, self-reflection, and reading through my old posts over the last year.

I had previously written about The Last Law of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need to Read, I enjoyed that book and it gives loads of different manifesting techniques. Whether or not you believe in it, there is a lot to be said for manifesting. I did it a lot last year and I had a pretty good 2022!

I decided that, as I try to journal daily, I would write a diary for 2024. I found an old 2019 diary and am going to use it to manifest my days in 2024, for example, my New Year’s Day entry for 2024 could be something like…..

“Had a great New Year’s Eve in New York with the husband last night”

You write what you want to happen, you put that message out there into the universe. It will be fun to do, and interesting to look back on and I always find it puts me in a positive frame of mind when I am in manifesting mode. And who knows what may come true!

I spent the whole day writing on Thursday, wrapped up in my oodie – a gift from secret Santa- a gift from secret Santa – I spent the whole day writing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the husband went off to watch football with the kids and I enjoyed an evening to myself.

On Friday, I realised that I had forgotten to update my online shop and felt annoyed with myself as it was coming this afternoon. I vowed that I would go out tomorrow and get the things I’d forgotten to add on.

I felt grumpy, I was fed up with this cough and nothing I was doing was shifting it. My sleep was constantly disturbed. I decided to open some Prosecco, maybe alcohol would help?

No such luck, I couldn’t stomach it, so I abandoned that idea and went to bed to read my book, but found myself distracted by the TV.

The coughing was getting worse and I must have finally nodded off at 2 am waking on and off. At 6:30, The husband had had enough of my coughing and Toby playing around with a sweet wrapper in the bedroom and went downstairs.

I eventually woke up at 10:30 horrified that I’d slept in so late. I got up and fed Toby and run myself a bath throwing in some eucalyptus essential oil in the hope it would help shift this annoying cough. My plans of going to the shop also went out the window, there is no way I was going out in the wind and rain, so I put my oodie back on and the husband and I settled down for a film.

We’re not going out for New Year’s Eve but I would like to feel at least a bit better so that the husband and I can enjoy a nice walk over Greenwich Park.

In case you’re wondering why you are reading this over a week later, 2023 for me will be all about growth, growing my little business, growing on a personal level and growing my email subscribers.

On that note, I decided over the last week to make my Substack newsletter my primary platform.

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Man coughing and holding his palm up away from his face
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2023-01-07 13:30:00

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