3 Intentions To Start 2023 In The Way I Intend to Continue

I was excited to use my new LOA planner this week.

After my “trial run” week the first week of January, last week, I was raring to go and my intentions reflected that.

Start an SEO course

Before Christmas, I signed up for an SEO course. You do it in your own time and mine had been sitting there for a while.

SEO is really important for my freelancing as it will help improve my skillset and also give me a wider scope of clients. After two weeks of mostly resting, my enthusiasm came through and I completed two modules of the course.

Put an exercise routine in place

I wanted to get back into exercising properly, not just walking. As a woman in her 40s, I continuously read about the importance of strength training, so on Sunday night, I dug out my weights and prepared all of my workout clothes for the following morning.

I got up on Monday and completed a 40-minute session feeling great after. Feeling enthused, I signed up for a 30 trial of Les Mills on demand and prepared my things on Monday night for a session of my old favourite, Body Attack. Again I enjoyed it, but I did spend the rest of the day with very sore muscles. With two sessions done, I was happy with my progress in my first week.

Share some social media content on my freelancing page.

I really wanted to start as I mean to go on, so as some of you may have seen, I wrote an article on the benefits of sending a company newsletter. I was really quite pleased with it and it gave me a much-needed boost, pushing that pesky self-doubt that’s always lurking around.

What are your intentions for this week?

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2023-01-17 13:41:00

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