Being a good girl

Sunday 31st May 2020

More broken sleep last night, when I do eventually fall back into a proper sleep in the morning, I’m woken up to someone knocking at the door. It’s my Gousto delivery. I must look a sight to the poor DPD driver.

No point going back to bed now, so I settle on the sofa to watch my latest binge on Amazon Prime, Little Fires Everywhere. I love it, it’s only 8 episodes, so I have manage to watch the whole thing in two days.

With that over, I take myself into the garden with my other obsession, my book, until lunchtime comes around. I’ve made turmeric cod with curried lentils and I have to admit, I’m not looking forward to it. How wrong could I be, it was delicious! I will certainly be making that again.

I decide to stick to my plan and avoid alcohol, even though the husband and I are having a bbq for dinner. My body has honestly had enough of alcohol.

I decide to continue the good behaviour and get in bed for some more reading, it’s 8:45 and still light outside, it feels strangely good.

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2020-05-31 10:13:00

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