A long short walk

Tuesday 7th July 2020

Down 2lb from yesterday, still 1lb up from my start weight.

Today I’m feeling irritated and I’m not quite sure why! I think being unable to move as fast as I’m used to is frustrating me!

The husband goes out to get his hair cut, when he comes back he mentions going to the pub and the end of our road, before I can decide whether I want to or not, he has decided he doesn’t want to go. Now I really want to go!! I told him next time not to dangle the carrot in front of me!

After work we, of course, decide to go to the pub. The 2 minute walk takes me about 10 and by the time I get there, I’m in need of a drink! It’s a big pub anyway, so the social distance thing is easier in there, we can even use an app to order our drinks. We stay in there for a few and then it’s a hobble back home, it’s only 8:30 but I head straight to bed.

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2020-07-07 12:57:00

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