6 Fascinating Things I Learned About Myself September

Temperatures are lowering, the leaves are falling and the clothes are being layered.

October is here and I sit here in my dressing gown and cup of tea ready to reflect on September.

Last month, I took a short break from writing, which I hadn’t done for some time. I wouldn’t say I enjoyed it, but I definitely needed it. Sometimes taking a step back can give you clarity as to what is truly important.

I was doing a lot, but not really achieving anything. As the month of September drew to a close, I made some decisions on what things were working for me and what wasn’t. Here’s what I discovered.

Regular exercise

It came as no real revelation that going for regular walks would be enjoyable. It’s something I’ve been doing on and off over the years and I’ve always enjoyed it. In September I brought it back and would like to embed this into my life, the same way I do brushing my teeth. Walking regularly only brings positive things to my life.

Moving forward with freelancing

Just before I said goodbye t,o September, I finally pitched an article. Of course, I am hopeful that it will be successful, but I would be silly to pin all my hopes on one pitch and I plan to pitch regularly going forward.

Returning to therapy

I went back to therapy. I am always amazed at how much I can gain from these sessions. How being asked the right question can create life-changing thoughts and decisions that have such a positive impact. My way of thinking has evolved as has my perception of certain things. I’m so glad to be back.

Taking a break

It’s strange how difficult some of us can find this. Being productive and self improvement can be addictive but you can have too much of a good thing. Taking a step back helped me gain some perspective on what really works well for me.

Planning my time better

Now I’m juggling three different roles, planning my time on a weekly basis wasn’t working for me. I have now planned my days in October so I know what days I’m working and which role, I can then organise my personal life around that. So far, so good.


It wasn’t all plain sailing. In September I spent way too much time procrastinating and it was horrible. I hadn’t ever experienced it as intensely before and the fear of failure really shook my confidence it’s something I know I just need to battle through.

How was your September? ❤️

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2022-10-06 06:01:00

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