5 More Fantastic Articles I’ve Read On Medium

Each week, I share 5 articles I have read on Medium. The reason I do this is, firstly, because I very much enjoyed the article and something within it struck a chord with me, some of which I quote after the article to give you a little taster.

Secondly, I am a huge believer in supporting others. If I have enjoyed something I read or a post on social media or a TV show, someone else might too, so why not spread the word? There is enough negativity and doom and gloom in the world today, why not try and make someone else’s day better if you can?

Here are this week’s articles…

The Exact 9 Steps I Took to Achieve a Simple(r) and Slow(er) Life by Charlie Brown

“Saying no to shit you don’t want to do is probably the most important and yet hardest part of the whole simple living shebang.”

Are We Over-Prescribing Antidepressants? from Chris Wojcik

“However, I can speak about my experience with getting diagnosed with a decent-sized bucked of mental disorders in one just afternoon.”

8 Important Things You Should Value Most in Life from Chris Freyler

“There is much more to life than grinding it out in some cubical or dead-end job, waiting for that next promotion or vacation to escape your reality.”

Why Body Positivity And Self-Acceptance Are Not The Same Thing from Aarti Tailor

“ignoring red flags is not self-love or self-care it’s negligence and is actually very harmful and will greatly impact the quality of your life.”

An Eckhart Tolle Quote You Could Build a Spiritual Practice Around from David Gerken

When we stop fighting with what life and the Universe bring us, we come to live

Thank you for sharing your fabulous articles ❤️

2022-11-16 16:09:14

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