5 Articles On Medium That Improved My Daily Routine

I’m a self improvement junkie.

I love reading about reading other peoples routines and habits, I like to try out some of those things for myself.

So here are 5 articles I read on Medium that have enhanced my

Let’s start with Highly Self Aware People Do 6 Things Brilliantly. Do You? from Karen Nimmo where you may find out a little or, like me, a lot more about yourself.

“But if you ask them Who They Are, you’ll get a blank stare. Because, unless we’ve really thought about it, we just don’t know.”

I have been learning about the Law of Attraction for a few years now and find it so interesting. So when I saw the article Does Manifestation Work? According To My Scripting Journal – Yes from Bella Rose, I couldn’t wait to read it and have now made scripting a part of my daily routine.

“Manifestation is real, and scripting is a powerful method to supercharge your manifestations.”

Diana Meresc has lots of great articles on habits and routines but I particularly enjoyed 8 Great Habits That Will Help You Become More Productive and have implemented pretty much all of them into my day.

“Productivity starts with having the right skills and mindset.”

David Ferrers wrote something we all want to know in How To Keep Looking And Feeling Young and I was pretty happy to find out that I am on the right path

“You have to look at yourself from different directions”

And finally Isabel Knight takes us back to some more simpler things we could do to make life a little easier on ourselves in Unusual Self Care Activities Because Bubble Baths Can’t Fix Everything and again, a lot of the things mentioned are now part of my regular routine.

“Self-care should be the backdrop to everyday life.”

Thank you for sharing ❤️

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