5 Articles I Have Enjoyed On Medium Over The Last Few Months

I find reading articles on Medium really inspiring.

We all share a love of writing and I love sharing articles I have enjoyed with my own readers.

This week I have another great selection of articles that I have read over the last few months.

Let’s Start Treating Friendships Like We Treat Relationships written by Alice Christine.

Finding a relationship seems like a piece of cake compared to a deep, meaningful friendship.

9 Life Lessons That Most of Us Learn Too Late by Diana Meresc

“Most people don’t appreciate life until they are forced to look back at their lives from an objective point of view.”

A Stress-relieving Benefit of Spirituality: Easier Decision-making by David Gerken

Here’s the not-so-pleasant truth underlying this dynamic: We, meaning most of us, are not okay inside.

This Amazing Book Will Change How You Perceive Time by Ax Ramshore

How can we break the cycle? How can we start living life, instead of feeling like we’re simply living out life?

Eye Contact, Not Roses: 9 Simple Things Women Find Sexy That Men Underestimate by Melanie Berliet

Ultimately, it’s not the pricy jewelry people remember, but the memories packaged with the tiny mementos.

Thank you all for the great articles ❤️

Photo by Anna Demianenko on Unsplash
2022-11-09 13:16:00

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