3 Simple Things I Have In My Life That I Am Genuinely Grateful For

I started this week looking at ways I can improve things: my health, habits, writing, everything.

Usually, at this time of year, I have a bit more of a f*ck it attitude as Christmas is coming up and I have a packed diary, but this year it’s different.

I want to grow not only in my working life but personally and I now realise that in order to grow, this means I need to sacrifice certain things that could hinder this.

Some things, however, are wonderful just as they are, so as always, I want to share three things from this week that I feel truly grateful for.

A lovely evening with good friends.

Last Saturday the bestie hosted a bring a board night at her house. There were four couples and each one had to bring a different board. I had savouries, so made a massive plate of what I liken to an 80’s party buffet, I even made cheese & pineapple on sticks!

Everyone made such an effort and we all sat in her living room, drinking, talking and eating. I had such a good time and genuinely enjoy spending time with this group, I feel like I can relax and be myself and I am looking forward to our next get-together.

Kind words from others.

After launching my freelancing business last week, I had been overwhelmed by the response I received and it’s still continuing.

This week, I had a really lovely message from a man I worked with about 10 years ago, he was fairly senior in his role and I’ve not seen or spoken to him since I left the company, but he took the time out of his day to wish me luck in my new venture and offered the use of his business connections if I needed them.

It made me realise how those little gestures may seem small when you are making them, but they can make such a difference to others and I want to be more of a cheerleader for the people I know because we all need a little boost sometimes.

My blog.

On one of my walks this week, I was reflecting, as I often do, on how different my life is compared to last year. I am so much happier, the life adjustments I am making are so positive and one thing that has remained a constant enjoyment for me is writing this blog.

Once I stopped obsessing over the statistics and how much money it was earning me and accepted that this was something that I truly enjoy doing, I have begun to appreciate it more. My freelancing is the place where I write things for other people and this blog is my space to write the things I enjoy writing about and I am very grateful to have that.

What are you grateful for this week? ❤️

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2022-11-11 12:49:47

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