3 Intentions I’m Setting This Week To Boost My Self Esteem

It’s a brand new week and I for one am looking forward to it.

I think I went a bit head first into last week and soon realised that I can’t do it all at once, so this week I intend to:

Complete 2 Writing Launch courses each day

After the workshop last week, I’ve already reached out with some questions and the response has been swift.

I’m excited to start working through the courses and learning new things.

Update my CV

Changing careers was always going to be difficult, but I hadn’t given a thought about trying to write a CV for a job I hadn’t done before.

I’m hopeful that the courses I’m doing will help me with this.

Practice manifestation techniques daily

The book I’m reading each morning on The Law of Attraction has some great techniques for manifesting so I’ll be doing these daily.

Law of Attraction always improves my mindset and helps me feel more positive about my day.

What are your intentions for this week? ❤️

2022-08-22 11:31:00

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