Why I Have To Make A Small Sacrifice To Make My Big Goal Achievable

As always, I like to be open and honest with you.

I have spent the last few months wearing a lot of different hats (metaphorically speaking, I don’t have a new hat obsession) and I am finding that I can no longer justify the time I spend on This Is Still Me when I should really be working on growing my business.

Right now, I need to give 100% to Clare H Writes. I want to enhance my skills and learn new ones, I want to get new clients and I want to be able to offer more to my existing ones.

This Is Still Me is my baby and I absolutely want to keep it going, but I also want to be able to provide quality content to you all, which I don’t feel I have been doing lately

So for the time being, you may see less new content from me, but I’ll still be posting, just not as often.

In the meantime, if you’d like to support my freelancing business, please follow me on FacebookInstagram or Twitter and share my website with your friends and followers. You never know who might need my services!

2023-02-18 14:01:00

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