Veil of emotion

Tuesday 2nd June 2020

I wake up with a nice clear head, one of the benefits of a couple of alcohol free beer.
It’s a good job, as I have a call with my boss and another guy on my team, it’s so embarrassing, my boss talking nonsense and then asking us if it made sense, no!

After having the garden door open while I do my workout, Toby joins me and spends a lot of the afternoon chasing flies and even catching a few he’s in his element.

I speak to my doctor about coming off my anti depressants, we agree on how I am going to start reducing them and I’ll speak to him in a months time when I’ve been on half my dose for a couple of weeks. I’m determined to be off of these.

I pick up Lost Connections and head into the garden. I’m now in the second part of the book, the first part is the possible causes of depression and anxiety, the second focuses on the reconnection. After reading for a bit, I am inspired to make sure I spend more time with my friends and family, I’m going to take action, right now!
I message the bestie to arrange a meet up with her. Feeling a sense of achievement, I head back inside, as I do I feel like I’ve walked through a veil of emotion and suddenly start feeling really crap, I want to cry, I want to stamp my feet, I want to sleep. What the actual fuck? I tell the husband, who is equally as bewildered as I am. It does eventually pass, but really, what the hell??

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2020-06-02 10:21:00

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