Something New

I’m a little bit excited.

During my many hours of scrolling, I came across a website called Substack. Substack is an online platform where writers can send digital newsletters directly to subscribers, so I thought I would take a look.

The idea is that I will condense my daily postings into one newsletter, which will get emailed  to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

The husband, for example was having a moan up before that he didn’t want to see any of the “what I am watching” or “what I am reading” posts, he knows all that, he’s more interested in the actual writing, probably to check if he has done anything wrong that week!!

So from next week, I will send a newsletter where the main body will be any written posts I have sent out and anything additional I have posted can be found at the bottom of the newsletter, so if there is anything you’re not interested in, you can easily skim through, there will probably also be some additional things snuck in there.

I would be really grateful if you could sign up to my newsletter and give it a go, you may even prefer it ♥️

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2022-03-22 16:28:45

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