Slipping into the weekend

Friday 26th June 2020

No work today! I’m still up and about earlier as I’m finally having my hair done! I can stop looking like a witch.

It’s a really hot day and my car has no air con (I was in a financial cul de sac when I bought it!!) You can tell lockdown is less strict, traffic is picking up and I’m thankful that as I’m coming off of the M25, that I’m not going in the other direction as there has been a lorry fire and traffic is at a standstill.

My gratitude fades when I’m on my way home, 3 hours later, the traffic is just as bad, so I make a reckless (for me) decision and decide to go via the black wall tunnel. Me are my new hair are very keen to get to my friends house.

I should have known better, the Blackwall tunnel also has queues and my red light is on for petrol. Fear of breaking down in the blackwall tunnel creeps in, please god no, don’t make me one of those people that everyone scowls at as they drive past.

Fortunately, luck is on my side, briefly, and I make it home. Having messaged the husband when I left, over an hour ago, I stupidly, expected him to be at least almost ready. Of course not, he tells me he’s just jumping in the shower. I bite my tongue and get changed.
I hear lots of crashing and banging around and it takes every ounce of willpower not to enquire about this. Sometime later, the husband declares he’s out of the shower but hasn’t eaten yet. The temptation to bang my head on the wall is high but I manage to agree to make a sandwich and I do so without stabbing the bread.

It’s all too much and I enquire about the banging, just as I suspected, the husband was using this unique opportunity to clean the bathroom, you see I’m out of the house for the rest of the day, apparently leaving him with no time to do anything in my absence.

I eventually get to my friends house, in desperate need for Prosecco. I change into my swimsuit and we get into the hot tub, her boyfriend makes us delicious home made pizza and on one of these trips from hot tub to seating area, I slip and fall. My hot tub afternoon, is over.

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2020-06-26 16:39:00

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