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Saturday 27th June 2020

Today we’re having some friends over for a bbq, I would be a lot more excited. If I could walk! Yes, the hot tub incident has left me with yet another sprained ankle and I can honestly say this is the worst one yet, I think I can speak from experience here.

I come downstairs (on my bum) and survey the house. I had been planning on doing all my tidying and cleaning today, how is this going to be possible when I can’t even put any weight on my foot? I know! I’ll get some crutches!
I discuss with the husband and he agrees he will go and pick them up for me. I stress, many times, that the sooner I get my crutches, the sooner I can do stuff. Makes sense right?

The husband needs to have breakfast before he goes out, ok, I mean if he could just pick up my crutches, like now, I would be able to get on with the house.

After eating his breakfast in what seemed like slow motion, he goes off upstairs to shower. Several decades later, he reappears, he’s been cleaning! I not so politely explain that I could have been doing stuff if I had crutches and he finally leaves.

Now sat alone, surveying what can only be described as a wreckage, I decide I cannot sit here until he comes home, he’s never going straight to the shop and back, it just wont happen. I slide myself off of the sofa and start hoovering from my seated position, I then pull myself up on the footstool which happens to slide beautifully across the laminate flooring. 10 minutes into hoovering, the battery dies, I want to cry. I manage to hop it back to its charger before resuming position so I can clean the surfaces. By the time the husband returns with my crutches, I look like I’ve been outside for hours in a torrential downpour without a brolly. I’m hot, bothered and frustrated at not being able to do things as quickly as I’d like. Then I try to move too quickly and end up crying in pain.

The husband makes me sit down and rest and tells me he can do it. To his credit he does do it, not necessarily in the most logical way, which makes my teeth itch. There’s a lot of shouting & muttering from both of us and finally our first guests arrive who can see how harassed he looks and happily help out. The BBQ was a success, especially for me as I got to relax.

I do still need to learn how to use crutches.

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2020-06-27 16:42:00

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