Morning cat call

Wednesday 15th July

Toby decides, at 5am, that it’s time for me to get up. REALLY? He sits at the foot of the bed meowing, despite me and the husband trying to shush him.

Eventually I give in, I, no getting back to sleep now.

Weight has gone down 1lb again yay! This boosts my motivation.

I have my check in call with Kristy, she’s really encouraging and we discuss how I’m feeling and what I want to achieve, it’s actually quite therapeutic and it’s really refreshing being able to be so open about my weight, how it makes me feel and my struggles, not only does she understand, having gone through it herself, she knows her stuff and can actually help me!! It’s just needing to undo all the bad habits I’ve picked up over the years and realising all the misinformation I’ve been given.

I decide to clean out Tobys litter tray. I empty the kitchen bin, ouch what’s that? There is big gash across the top of my foot, yes my already injured one. There is glass sticking out of the bottom of the bin liner. FFS. I decide to have a non alcoholic beer to treat my injured soul. Tastes different. Oh bugger, I’ve actually picked up an alcoholic peroni rather than non alcoholic one, I didn’t even know we had those! I’m now half way through the bottle and I want more. MORE! I go to the Facebook group for some support and it works, I head to the kitchen, get the correct beer. Undefeated.

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2020-07-15 13:26:00

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