Lovely Friends Motivating Music And Living In The Moment

Finally, a week where I can stop and breathe.

It’s been a positive week and I feel with each new day, brings new things to learn. I sometimes feel like I have only just begun living my life as I am meant to, which is odd at the age of 41.

Last week I started adding a “song of the day” to my social media pages, the intention behind these is to get everyone’s day off on a positive note.

I thought I would share these on my Friday posts for everyone to enjoy, by adding the link to the day of the week.

On Friday I went out with a couple of friends for some Friday night drinks. We sat in a beer garden, drinking rose and chit-chatting about our lives. I had a picture taken, which I usually hate but for once I didn’t. When I wondered why I noticed that I looked relaxed and not like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, it felt good to realise that.

There was a man at the pub that I was convinced was the actor who played Martin Fowler in Eastenders. I was that convinced, that when he came up to us at the end of the evening, I, after consuming way too much wine, told him that I knew who he was. It wasn’t him! Oops.

On Saturday, the husband and I both recovering from our respective Friday nights had a relaxing day which I spent writing on my laptop in front of the TV, ending the day in our usual fashion with a delicious Indian takeaway.

On Sunday, I was productive. I set my goals and intentions for the week. I worked from the garden as the weather was nice and listened to a great podcast called The Diary of a CEO with Steven Bartlett. In this episode, he interviews James Smith, who I have followed for quite a few years now. If you want to feel inspired, give it a listen, it’s brilliant!

On Monday, as per my intentions for the week I got up and reviewed all of my outgoings. I realised I had been putting it off in fear that I was under pressure to rush back to work, doing a job I hate and all my hard work and positive mindset would be undone.

I was so pleased I did it, I was in a much better position than I realised and it set a positive tone for my week.

I wrote my first True Crime post, which I loved. I got the bestie to proofread it for me as she is a fellow true crime fan. I really enjoyed doing it and plan on doing more. It did take a lot more work than I anticipated though so I need to make sure I spread this out over a few days.

On Tuesday, I woke up far too early. I was excited to see that Monday’s post had been included in another read for read on Medium and I was so thankful for the lovely feedback I received.

In the spirit of engaging more with other writers, I have been going through my list of people I am following and reading and commenting on any articles I enjoy. It’s something I quite enjoy doing and I am learning so much!

I thought I would share one of my favourite articles I’ve read this week with you all.

The husband and I take a long walk and go out for something to eat and I honestly can’t remember the last time I have ever felt this happy. Rather than dreading when the low is coming, I have learnt just to enjoy the moment.

On Wednesday I have another randomly early wake-up. It’s a little annoying as I had decided that this week, Wednesday would be the day I would have “off” from writing. Despite this, I still do lots of reading and work on other things. I take a much-needed daytime nap and then collect my friend who comes over for pizza and wine and we have a much-needed catch-up in the garden, when the husband comes home, he makes us a cocktail.

Despite a late night on Wednesday, I still manage to wake up too early again on Thursday. I plan and organise my day and work on my to-do list, there’s a lot of yawning going on!

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