3 Things That Happened This Week That Made Me Feel Grateful

Feeling Thankful

I’m so thankful to have had a positive week. Although I do wonder how much of it was simply down to my mindset.

Reviewing my outgoings.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I had been sort of putting this off.

I was scared that I would look at the numbers and realise I needed to earn money immediately and would have to take the next job that came along.

Thankfully, I have enough money to pay the bills for a few months. This does of course mean that I have to cut back on a lot of things but when I weigh it up, the choice between being at home doing my writing vs earning lots of money, there is no contest. Money really can’t buy happiness.

Good results on medium

I’ve had my best month on Medium since joining back in April.

I’ve had lots of views, claps, comments, and followers and I have earned the most!

Sadly not enough to pay the bills, in fact barely a cup of tea but it’s a huge win for me and I have learned so much from all the other brilliant writers.

Meeting my intentions

I found the intentions that I set myself on Monday a breeze this week.

I reviewed my outgoings on Monday, I make time each day to read articles on Medium and am planning to extend that to other platforms and I learnt some new skills, one of which was writing headlines.

I’ve also started an online course in SEO (search engine optimisation – I had no clue when I first saw it either)

What went well for you this week? ❤️

2022-07-02 06:38:00

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