Looking back at my week

The past week has been rough. Thankfully, I think I am over the worst of it.

Midweek, I finished reading Miracle Morning. Just getting those small tasks done in the morning makes such a difference to how I approach my day. In spite of my mood swings, I found staying on track easy, I even looked forward to it each day.

The husband put the shelf up in The Sanctuary, meaning I could finally add the finishing touches.  In fact, I am really glad I didn’t go out and buy stuff to put in there. I may put another vision board on the other side of the shelf, but I have not quite decided yet.

Best of all, I finally got back to writing the book. That was such a good feeling.  As a result of that honest and open conversation with my counsellor, I reflected on a lot of things. I don’t want to waste any more time looking back and wondering what could have been. What have I got to lose? Seeing as it’s what I love, why not do it? And if something good comes out of it, even better. After taking the first step, the next one doesn’t seem so scary anymore.

I think this week was about stepping outside of my comfort zone and gently pushing myself to try new things and do things, even if I may be scared. I won’t be jumping out of  a plane anytime soon, but I may very well be getting that first draft finished in the very near future.

Have a fab weekend

2022-03-12 10:58:20

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