Jumping Head First Into 2023 – A Great First Week

It was my first week back to reality.

The Christmas cough was almost gone and I felt the most human I had in ages.

I spent the weekend planning for the week ahead, I was determined to not waste my days scrolling on social media. I want to move forward and spend my weekdays being productive.

On Monday morning, I woke up a little before my 8 am alarm so I went downstairs to do some self-reflection. My Law of Attraction planner has questions in it which I have never used before so I bought myself a new notepad to get started with this, I did not need another planner, this one has everything I need.

I didn’t switch the TV on and my phone was on do not disturb. I gave my full attention to those 10 questions and I afterwards, I felt motivated, positive and focused on the day ahead.

I then went on to do a strength training workout, I had prepared my clothes, equipment and routine the night before making it easy to get started.

Again I enjoyed it and the sense of achievement of getting that done was a boost to my confidence too, it was going to be a good day.

After getting showered, I made some crumpets with cheese and headed to the sanctuary to start the day’s work.

I was surprised to find myself raring to go after 2 weeks off. When I worked in banking, I was always filled with a sense of dread going back to work, but now working for myself and my own schedule was something to look forward to.

I got so much done on that first day. When I eventually finished, I found myself wanting to do more but knowing that I didn’t want to burn out before I started I sat in my chair and had a cuddle with Toby, who for the first time came and plonked himself straight in my lap until I had to move him to go and cook dinner.

I woke up even earlier on Tuesday morning. My body was aching from the exercise the day before. I made a cup of tea and did my morning reflection, again feeling motivated and positive as I went through the questions.

I’m aware that not every day will be like this, but I have learned how to appreciate the days that are.

Once I finish, I decide that I’m not quite ready to do my exercise yet, I start scrolling and can almost feel the bubbles of joy popping one by one, I really should try and avoid doing this until later in the day.

I put my phone down and put the TV on, I finish watching a Netflix documentary about Xanax – it’s pretty eye-opening – but after I feel a ripple of disappointment in myself, I should have just exercised then I could have started work earlier and finished earlier.

I tell myself that I went with how my body felt at the time but now I am ready to get that online Body Attack class done – eek!

After another morning doing some client work in the sanctuary, I spent the afternoon doing a module of a course I’d started and then went on to write some content for my freelancing company. My brain was desperately trying to avoid doing this but I opened up a fresh page on Notion and just started typing. Not too long after, I had a first draft of a blog post and I have to say, I felt pretty proud of it.

I bounced downstairs, satisfied that I had accomplished more than enough for today. The husband and I watched The Menu and I went to bed feeling happy and content.

I think the 2 days of exercise caught up with me as I was woken up by my alarm at 8 am, I had slept right through and still felt tired. I didn’t feel like doing my planned strength training this morning, so I did my morning reflection to see if that could drum up some energy.

I wasn’t feeling more energetic after, but I went upstairs to put my gym stuff on and after a brief discussion with the husband, I decided that I needed to ease myself into this and have a rest day, although I was concerned that I might be feeling a bit delicate tomorrow as I was out for dinner tonight…..we’ll see.

Decision made, I made a cup of tea and started work early, again having a productive day, even having a little bath after lunch so I was spruced and ready for the bestie later.

I spent the afternoon doing some writing, before meeting the bestie for dinner for a much-needed catch-up, I hadn’t seen her this year!!

When I woke up on Thursday, my head was fuzzy. We didn’t drink a lot, but I wasn’t feeling particularly fresh or motivated, which wasn’t part of my plan. I allowed myself to go with the flow, as I had promised myself I would.

Fortunately, the work I had to do that morning wasn’t too testing and by the time the afternoon rolled around, I was ready to take the plunge and post the article I had written for my freelance business. I also asked that people could share on their own page too, just to help promote my work.

It felt like a scary step, but I need to put myself out there.

Person in black leggings and pink nike trainers jumping in the air
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2023-01-21 13:46:00

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