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Januarys Journey: Wins, Wellness and What’s Next

Hello Lovelies!,

January is finally over! The days are getting longer, and spring is on its way.

As promised, I’m bringing back the monthly check-ins. So, get yourself a cup of tea, find a comfortable spot, and let’s take a look back at the ups, downs, and everything in between.

January Wins

January brought a few victories, big and small. Firstly, I finally set up my blog website, which I have wanted to do for some time. I also spent time tweaking my business website. Plus, I wrote a few blog posts – a small step for the internet but a big step for my to-do list.

On the physical front, I got myself back to my morning walks, which I love! I also managed to squeeze in a couple of strength training sessions. And can we talk about hydration? I swapped out some cans of Coke Zero for bottles of water and dialled back on alcohol. A healthier me is emerging, and it feels pretty bloody good.

Amidst it all, a surprise landed in my inbox – a message from someone saying they love my newsletter. These unexpected gestures keep me motivated and remind me why I started this journey.

Oh, and a little revelation: I’m taking a different approach when it comes to writing blog posts for my business and have decided to be unapologetically myself. No more masks, just being myself. You can read more about it here.

Mapping Out My Magical Year

I’m ready to push forward into 2024. Business-wise, I would like to step out of my comfort zone, make changes, and welcome more clients and, fingers crossed, more moolah.

As for my personal life, the focus is on a healthier lifestyle – nourishing foods, more water, less junk, and bid farewell to excess alcohol. Plus, a sprinkle of confidence to ease those encounters with strangers. I get so anxious speaking to people I don’t know. I get so caught up in saying the right thing, and I just want to be myself without worrying whether someone will think I am an idiot.

Self-Care Soirée

This month, I made a conscious effort to prioritise self-care. Taking breaks when needed was a real eye-opener. Instead of pushing through those moments of exhaustion, I listened to my body. The result? I found that resting when I needed to and doing tasks later on not only did I get more done, but my quality of work was much better. Who knew a little self-compassion could go a long way?

Wellness Whirlwind

I am getting back on the fitness wagon, practising intermittent fasting, and staying consistent with supplements, which marked a win in my health journey.  I’ve noticed a positive shift in my mood lately, and I think it’s a combination of the HRT I’m taking the supplements and some tweaks to my lifestyle. It feels great to be making progress, even if it’s only small.

That being said, anxiety made a comeback, triggered by some past incidents resurfacing in my mind, and I found myself grappling with unresolved issues. Balancing my emotional well-being while facing potential challenges ahead is a priority.

January Joy

This month, I am truly grateful for the husband. He has been my constant support, picking me up on my down days and laughing with me on the good days.

I also received an exciting invitation to a special surprise event, which I won’t say too much about as it IS a surprise and you never know who is reading 👀, but I was really touched and honoured to be asked.

January’s Seen & Heard

In between all of this, I have found a book that has held my attention, “The Starfish Sisters,” which reminds me of the Netflix series “Firefly Lane.”

TV has been sooooo good! I know I am going to forget something. Still, off the top of my head, I have been watching Love Island (obvs), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the long-awaited season 11 of Vanderpump Rules have been fulfilling my reality TV fix, the new seasons of  Trigger Point, Fargo, True Detective have been keeping me on the edge of my seat and of course I need a horror movie to ice the cake and that came from Netflix with “Haunt” which I was pretty impressed with.

My friend Tanya brought her own podcast out, where she talks about all things spiritual, including her own fascinating personal stories, so do give her a listen.

I’m also listening to Rachel Goes Rogue, which is Racquel from Vanderpump Rules telling her side of things (IYKYK) And, of course, Staying Relevant, which is now filling my ears twice a week, and I am here for it.

These will be added to my website on my new Things Seen & Heard Page.

Lessons Learned

This month’s lessons were a mix of technological efficiency and the beauty of flexibility. I have been brushing up on my skills and learning how to use AI to streamline tasks. It’s been useful in helping me create a pricing structure and set my goals. I also use it to summarise long articles I want to read to pick out any points I might find relevant. And, of course, I discovered the magic of letting go of a rigid schedule to prioritise my health and rest when needed. What is the point of working for myself if I still do 9-5?

I am slowly learning to be vulnerable in my relationships, and that vulnerability trumps anger when it comes to communication. It’s a golden key to being heard, not avoided.

So, that’s my January wrapped up, and I am ready for the rest of 2024. I would love to hear how your January went. Why not let me know in the comments?

Remember, you’re doing better than you think, and the journey is just as important as the destination. 🌟

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I’ve added some new things to the website, check them out here!

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a cartoon of a woman with her hands up

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