I can finally tell you my good news!

Earlier this year, a friend of mine, who left my employers last year, was telling me about her job, I told her if any new roles came up to let me know. A couple of weeks ago, a role came up, so I sent her my CV, which she then sent over just after Easter. Two days later the agency called me and set up an interview for the following week.

The day before my interview, they called and offered me the position, I hadn’t even had an interview, although this still went ahead as a formality. Knowing I already had the role, I was a lot less nervous and the interview actually went better because of that. It was a great way to start the long weekend.

The husband was taking me away for me belated birthday treat, so we went off to the New Forest, somewhere I’ve always wanted to go and I was extra happy, knowing I had the new job offer.

We had a really lovely weekend, visiting various villages, pubs, restaurants, a beach and a castle. I was feeling on top of the world.

We came home on Monday and picked up the Tobes from the cattery. I was feeling anxious, as I hate leaving him, but he was fine and happy to see us meowing away, no doubt telling us off for leaving him.

On Tuesday I met two of my friends for lunch, I haven’t seen them for ages so it was really good to catch up. For some reason, I was still feeling anxious and couldn’t work out why.

Yesterday, I went to have my lashes done and was chatting to Zoe and realised that it was because I knew I was going to hand my notice in the following day. I saw my friend for dinner, who also used to be my boss and discussed it with her. We spoke about what I would write in my resignation letter, she would review my letter for me before I sent it over.

This morning, I drafted the email and sent it to her and another friend who is also in a senior position and they both agreed it was fine to send. I was seeing my counsellor and meeting the bestie for lunch after, I would send it over once I got home.

I discussed my anxiety with my counsellor and then with the bestie, who had got me a congratulations card and flowers. When I got home I dithered around, before finally pressing send.

After 4 years at my current employers, I have finally handed in my resignation.

For 24 years I have been a full time permanent employee of a number of companies. I liked the stability of having a permanent role. In the industry I am in, contractors are paid a lot more that permanent staff, however, they did not get the benefits that permanent staff were given, such as holiday pay, sick pay etc. For that reason, I always avoided contracting.

It was only when my friend asked me a couple of months ago, when I mentioned I would need to look for a new job, if I was going to do some contracting work, that I even gave it a thought.

3 of my former team members also work there, who I have stayed in touch with as I really like them, so I will know people that work there, which is always nice and its also working from home full time, which really me, not having to get the train into London, its basically what I have been manifesting for some time, the high vibes has worked!

I’m really looking forward to this fresh start.

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2022-05-05 17:00:36

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