All birthday’d out

Today I am still suffering the after effects of the birthday celebrations, I don’t suffer with the traditional hangover like headaches and sickness. For me it’s more mental torture. After feeling on top of the world last week, I spent yesterday feeling fuzzy and exhausted and today swinging between tears and anger.
I decided not to wallow, which is easy to think about but not so easy to follow through with.
Firstly I didn’t allow myself to listen to that inner voice and talk myself out of my morning routine. I know my meditation and self reflection is beneficial, so even if I have to cry whilst doing it, it’s getting done. I then forced myself into the shower, got dressed and walked to the shop to get some fresh air and more importantly some crusty rolls, which I really fancied for lunch. I then allowed myself an afternoon nap as I was shattered, but I felt slightly better and I actually went back up to the sanctuary and scheduled my first newsletter to go out on Substack tomorrow.

Although my body still feels in ruins, my mindset has taken a massive turn for the better, the arrival of another birthday gift also helped
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Monday is almost done ✅

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2022-03-28 20:45:42

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