9 Winter Activity Ideas – Things To Do Now Its Colder Outside

After a rather warm October, November has brought cold and rain. 

The days are getting shorter and we are wanting to spend more and more time inside, in the warm.

If you’re feeling a bit bored of being inside already, and are looking for some ideas for things to do with friends or family, here are some great winter activity ideas.

Bring a board night

My friends and I did this last weekend, each of us had to bring a board and we used my decision wheel app to decide who would bring what. We had a bread, cheese & olives board, a meat board, a savoury board and a dessert board. It was all delicious and we all tried some different things.

Indoor picnic

You could have an indoor picnic if you’re not feeling that sociable. Get some of your favourite foods, spread them all out on a blanket or table and enjoy! You could always wrap yourself up and take it outside into the garden if you have one.

Binge-watch a TV series

We are spoilt for choice, with all the channels and streaming services! Some even do a free trial, so you could binge something for free. Lose yourself in another world for a few hours.

Read a good book

One of my favourite things to do is to curl up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and a good book, especially when it’s raining outside. If you’re not really into books, you could try listening to an audiobook or podcast instead.

Have a movie marathon

Why stop at one film when you can watch a trilogy? My personal fave is Back to the future or the Godfather movies, although I will probably skip the third film! Get the popcorn and a glass of wine and settle down in front of the TV.


Why not bake a cake, some biscuits or some bread? You could bake something for someone else. I now make biscoff fudge for people on birthdays and Christmas as they love it so much. Check out Lucy Lords website for some other fantastic ideas.

Cocktail Night

Enjoy some of your favourite cocktails in the comfort of your own home. You can get some great recipes online. The husband and I have done this a few times and he makes the best cosmopolitans and espresso martinis!

Games Night

Play cards, a board game or even a computer game. You can play trivial pursuit, monopoly and much more, online now. You could play for fun or play to win and get the loser to do that household chore you hate!

Brave the outside world

Wrap up and go outside for a nice winter walk. Get those layers on a go to a farmers market or a Christmas market, which will no doubt be popping up everywhere now. As long as you wear the right clothing, you can stay warm and dry despite the weather.

What’s your favourite winter activity? ♥️

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