5 Articles On Medium To Help With My Self Improvement Goals For August

In yesterday’s post July Reflections – What I Loved, What I Learned & How I Can ImproveI shared some areas I wanted to improve on during August. I found these articles on Medium, which I will use to help me.

Diana Meresc reminds me of the key habits we should all be implementing in 12 Simple Habits That Will Change Your Life

“How often do you wish you had done something different in your life? Most of us get caught up in the daily hustle and bustle of our lives. That means we miss opportunities to improve ourselves every day.”

Emma Carey gave me some clarity as to why I struggle to be body positive, in 7 Reasons Why Body Positivity Isn’t Always A Good Thing

“If you want to love who you are, you must process any trauma, difficult past events, and the emotions that come with it.”

Briana Belcher gave me some great ideas on making my mornings easier in 6 Things I Do Every Night To Set Myself Up For Success In The Morning

“After reading, I always check the reminders on my phone. I am such a list person. I write lists out for everything, and I have countless reminders on my phone for various reasons. So, I always make it a point to check the reminders so that I’m aware of any appointments or obligations the next day. This ensures that I won’t forget anything and allows me to plan accordingly.”

Isabel Knight made me realise I needed to shorten that to-do list in How To Cope With Chronic Overwhelm – Tips For A More Peaceful Existence

“What’s not so good is making a to-do list that spans three single-spaced pages and telling yourself you have to do it all”

And Francis Lee echoes my thoughts on why I do this in the first place in Do You Want To Be A Successful Writer

“I’m doing it because I can’t stop. I wake up in the morning with story ideas and I go to bed with story ideas. In between, I am writing. I’m reading people’s stories and making friendships and connections.”

Thank you for the inspiring posts ♥️

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