5 Articles on Medium That Helped Me Overcome Self Doubt

Finding inspiration once again on Medium

If you read yesterday’s article, you’ll know that I’m back from holiday and rather than being full of self-assurance, I’m battling with self-doubt.

Yesterday morning, I begrudgingly got out of bed, looked through my to-do list and very quickly decided it was going to be another slow day, reminding myself that it was perfectly ok, although I wasn’t entirely convinced.

I decide to read some articles on medium, which I find to be much better for my mind than scrolling through Tik Tok (which I did for the first time this week for longer than I care to admit!)

I’m so thankful I did.

I came across 

Alex Mathers

 article If you work for yourself and have self-doubt read this

“emotions of doubt, are based not on reality, but on our thoughts.”

Yes! Everything swimming through my head was all about a failure that hadn’t yet happened, after all, how can you fail at getting work as a writer when you haven’t even submitted any work or made any applications?

In the article The Power Of Believing You Are The Exception 

Calley Overton

 goes even further by pointing out;

“There is someone out there with less talent and more confidence doing what you want to be doing.“

Then I read Who Was The First Person Who Made You Doubt Your Potential by 

Vivian Nunez

 who shared some great exercises to help me through my self doubt

“Instead of trying to convince ourselves that we won’t ever come across doubt, it’s a great creative exercise to map out a plan for what you can do when it does appear.“

Feeling encouraged, I took some tips from 

Isabel Knight

 in the article How To Cope With Chronic Overwhelm Tips For A More Peaceful Existence

“What’s not so good is making a to-do list that spans three single-spaced pages and telling yourself you have to do it all”

And I can always rely on 

Judy Derby

 to not only lift my mood but remind me, once again why I’m doing this in the first place. In her article To Answer Your Question Natalie

“Lately, I have cared entirely too much what people think. But I’d like to change that.”

Thank you all for the much-needed support and encouragement with your writing ❤️

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2022-08-18 12:24:14

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