5 Articles On Medium That Are NOT Telling You To Be Productive

Yesterday I wrote a post about my toxic productivity. As I said, articles about productivity are everywhere so I found 5 articles on Medium that instead talk about slowing down, taking a break and looking at life from a different perspective.

After reading this article from T. M. Watson, I realised I was spending all my time looking forward, thinking about all the things I should be doing and how I am not doing things quickly enough and not spending any time looking back and seeing all the things I have achieved.

If we can slow down a bit, we might be able to see just how far we’ve come.

How To Slow Down In Today’s Fast-Paced World
Stop treating your life as if it’s a quick sprint.medium.com

Ruchi Thalwal’s article echoed my thoughts on control. I was spending so much time trying to control everything around me to avoid the chaos, but I was in fact doing just the opposite.

I wanted positive thoughts to live happily ever after. I thought all I had to do paradise was go on creating positive thoughts to distract negativity from my life

How to Transform Your Overthinking Mind to Lead a Peaceful Life
Your mind doesn’t have to be your curse.medium.com

Jessica Wildfire is also done with productivity and made me realise that doing nothing is not only ok, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Productivity… what ripoff. If getting more done was the secret to happiness and success, we’d all be billionaires by now

The Great Burnout
Everyone’s tired and fed upaninjusticemag.com

Paradiss also talks about the importance of doing nothing and there are moments in life when it is even more essential.

It’s easy to become engrossed in the world around us, with apparently never-ending job lists and tasks to perform on a daily basis.

How can taking a break transform your life
I’d like to discuss with you about how taking a break at the proper moment may help you transform your life.medium.com

And finally, Informative and Innovative reminds us that no matter the downs, there will always be ups and the sun will shine again.

After that day I don’t give up. Sometimes when it’s hard for me I remember her words and stand strong.

Words From A Stranger That Changed my Life
Word Works Like Magic.medium.com

Thank you all for your wise words ❤️

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2022-10-12 16:01:34

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