3 Things That I’m Thankful For On My Return From Holiday

It’s been a struggle this week.

Jet lag, trying to get back into a routine and the huge list of things I would “do when I am back from holiday” is now looming over me.

That’s why doing this weekly gratitude exercise is so important to me, as, despite all the things that haven’t gone as planned, which seem far easier to remember, many things went right this week.

Joining my first workshop

On Wednesday evening, I attended an online workshop with Writing Launch.

Jacob & Ian very kindly gave an hour of their time, free of charge, to go through how to pitch an article to a magazine.

Not only that, but they also offered a great package which includes a list of nearly 2000 publications to write for, mentoring and access to their entire catalogue of courses.

The cost is $47 per month (around £40) however, you get the first month for free and can cancel at any time. Of course, I snapped up the generous offer and plan to start earning money again as soon as possible.

Getting back into exercising

I wasted no time in getting back to using the FIIT app, completing a yoga and a much dreaded cardio session.

I’m planning to continue exercising every other day and make this a part of my morning routine. I would like to find a cardio session I enjoy though!


When I was away, I didn’t do nearly as much reading as I normally do on holiday.

I really did miss reading the articles on Medium as they get start my day off with some inspiration. It was so good to get back to reading what I had missed from my fellow writers.

Also, I finally started my book, The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read, which I took on holiday, but just didn’t have the time to sit down and give it the focus it deserved.

What went well for you this week? ❤️

2022-08-20 15:48:44

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