3 Little Intentions I’m Setting Myself Before The Festivities Begin

Ahh, Christmas week.

Last week I shared my intentions as I go into the new year. I am still working on those in the background and reminding myself daily that I don’t have to do it all at once, something I seem to find hard to accept.

I am sharing my specific intentions for this week; you may have something similar on your list.

Finish wrapping my Christmas presents

I started this the other day, I thought I had got myself in the zone. I went upstairs to retrieve the rest of the presents, broke my airer in the process and by the time I had brought half of them downstairs, I decided I was no longer in the mood and took them back to the hiding place.

Visit my nan & grandad

I don’t see my nan and grandad as much as I would like to but I always make sure I visit them as close to Christmas as possible. Having spent Christmas day with them for the first 20-odd years of my life, I often feel sad that those days are over, but I am extremely grateful to still have them.

Get back into a morning routine

This one intention is solely for me. Lately, I’ve been ignoring my alarm and getting up later than usual. There is nothing wrong with that but for me, I always feel better having some sort of routine, I want to slowly reintroduce some sort of morning routine back into my days and I think the best way to start is to stop ignoring that morning alarm.

What intentions would you like to set for before Christmas? ♥️

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2022-12-20 13:21:18

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