What Are You Thinking?

Thank you so much to those of you who have taken the time to complete the short survey I sent out recently. If you haven’t yet completed it and would still like to you will find the link below.

43% of you prefer to read my posts on a Monday.
43% of you said you prefer to read them on any weekday
with the remaining 14% preferring to read them on a Sunday

43% of you prefer to read my posts on Facebook whilst another 43% prefer Instagram
The remaining 43% read them on WordPress

57% of you prefer to read my posts in the morning, 29% of you prefer the evenings and the remaining 14% prefer the afternoon.

Your favourite posts are the written blog posts and what went well this week, followed by the weekly intentions, the motivational posts and lastly the newsletter.

The majority of you would like to see more Written Blogs & Motivational posts with fewer posts on book reviews and newsletters.

I’m going to leave the survey open for a bit longer for anyone who would still like to complete it, it takes 2 minutes and is anonymous. It is really valuable to me to get your feedback. ❤️

2022-05-26 11:02:41

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