Spritely start

Monday 20th July 2020

Feeling spritely, this morning. It’s a new week, although no one has told the scales as I’m stuck on the same weight, although my measurements have gone down by 4cm.

I jump in the shower, feed Toby and head out for my walk/hobble. I have decided to listen to an audible on my walks so I start with the 1% rule. It’s really good and about how you do one small thing each day to work towards your goal. When I get back, I motivated for the day ahead.

One of the girls in my team had decided to take two days holiday and not bother to mention it to anyone I just cannot work out why she’s like this.

Later on that day, I realise, that although my workout has recorded via my Apple Watch, my exercise ring doesn’t reflect that I have done 30 minutes of exercise. FUMING. I google this and try to sort it, I will keep an eye on that tomorrow morning.

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2020-07-20 13:44:00

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