Motivated Monday

Monday 13th May

Very disturbed sleep last night, not as disturbing as my dreams though. One of them was me crying over a book about animal cruelty and P Diddy was in the same place and came and cheered me up. I mean WTF? I didn’t even have any cheese yesterday!

I tried the banana shake this morning, I put loads of ice on and it was bloody delicious. I’ll definitely be ordering more of those.

It’s 10am and my stomach is screaming at me, the greedy bitch! Going to drink more water and if this fails then I’ll have to get some Coke Zero, my stomach is going tohave to get used to hunger when I return from holiday.

PC Plod at work is doing my head in, has to comment on everything even when I’m talking to other people BUTT OUT!!

Tried to find something to wear for the plane journey, I’m looking for something comfortable but everything just looks hideous on me! Walk past a shop window, my arse looks like a shelf. I’m betting the husband could put his beer on it if we couldn’t get a table. I just want to feel nice god dammit!

I seem to have had a spurt of productiveness at work today, how very unmonday of me. Clearly I’m channeling all my self hatred into work. Oh here we go, PC plod has spotted that I’m drinking water (still) I point out that there are also 2 empty bottles of Coke Zero on the desk. Give me strength, only 2 more days of this, I can do this!! Sometimes I just pretend I don’t hear him, even though he sits directly behind me.

Decide I’m going to make myself a reward chart for every half stone I lose, instead of rewarding myself with food or wine I’ll choose something like clothes or accessories, that might help keep me going, seeing as my bitch stomach hasn’t shut up all day.

I came home and packed (almost) the remainder of my stuff for holiday, just the make up and hair bits to go in because I’ll need those Wednesday morning. My case is way to heavy, I know I don’t need all that stuff, pretty sure I have more than 14 different bikinis & swimsuits but meh, I want the choice. If it’s too heavy I’ll chuck a pair of flip flops out. I found a plane outfit too, one of the new dresses I bought, it’s a simple, casual, comfortable dress so I’m happy with that.

The husband is now home and starting to pack, it’s usually a stressful affair, he can’t find certain things and always packs too many shoes, but so far so good. I’ve not heard a peep, I’m suspicious now, I wouldn’t be surprised if he is just sat on the bed staring out the window. Still, it’s nothing to do with me, I’m safely ensconced on the sofa watching first dates with a hot chocolate

I spoke too soon, he’s appeared downstairs asking the whereabouts of a pair swimming trunks. He last had them on our honeymoon a year ago, I’m baffled as to how I’m supposed to know, they certainly wouldn’t fit me. I make myself very small in the corner and after five minutes of wandering aimlessly around the kitchen he shuffles back upstairs.

Oh God, I can now hear drilling! I will not ask what he’s doing, I know that’s what he wants. I think he enjoys confusing me with his randomness. Ok I asked it was drilling, he was hoovering out his case, how did I not know.2019-05-15 06:05:57

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