Monthly Reflections — What Went Well & How I Can Do Better

What August taught me.

August was a real mixed bag. I spent the first half of the month on holiday, which really threw me out of my routine.

Now September is here and I have a nice clear r to Christmas, with just the odd weekend away here and there, so nothing too disruptive.

I want to start this months reflections off with what went well for me.

Self Reflection

I’ve managed to stay consistent with my daily self reflection, even whilst on holiday. I enjoy doing it and complete my positive wellness journal as well as my 750 words each morning, getting my day started with some clear intentions and more importantly, a clear head.

Writing Launch

I bit the bullet and joined my first workshop from writing and I’m so glad I did. I then took up their offer of a free months membership, where I have been working through a course about freelancing. It has so much useful information, especially if you, like me, are just starting out.

Manifesting techniques

I’ve almost finished reading The Last Law Of Attraction Book You’ll Ever Need To Read and I have been doing some of the manifesting techniques on a daily basis. I am already seeing some results and I’m quite excited to try more of them.

There are still a few things I need to work on though.

Applying for writing work

Although I’ve set up my LinkedIn Profile my CV still needs updating. The writing course has given me some help on this so it’s important that I get this done soon. I’m also getting some experience in the meantime by helping out with a family business and I plan to start pitching to publications. This scares me but I know I need to take the leap.

Reading articles

I didn’t have much time to read Medium Articles whilst I was away so I need to get this back into my daily routine. I just need to figure out the best way to do this, it’s something I enjoy doing and I always feel inspired afterwards.

Water intake

Just as I got back on board with my 2 litres a day, I went on holiday and got back out of the habit. I noticed a positive effect on my skin and energy levels so it’s important that I get back to doing this.

What did you learn about yourself in August? ❤️

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2022-09-01 12:05:36

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