90 Day SSS Plan – Cycle two. Hello Carbs!

I started the dreaded C2 this week, I say dreaded as on all of the Facebook groups, I see people complaining about this cycle the most. Some people are saying you tend to get more bloated. This is obviously down to the fact that on this cycle,  you have three carb meals on training days. Personally, I always thought I couldnt live without carbs for a day, but cycle one taught me that I am actually not that bothered about them and felt better when I didnt eat so much of them. On day one of this cycle I was exhausted, I had no energy and felt generally sluggish. Others are saying that there is too much food, as you will see below, this is two days worth of lunches.Chicken & Potato Hash

Others are saying they miss the structure of the first cycle as you only get a few recipes and you kind of have to make your own stuff up for this, which I am really enjoying already, I even got to have sausage & mash for dinner on my first day, how could this possibly be bad. They are chicken sausages but I think I actually prefer them.

Chicken Sausages & Mash

The exercises take a longer as you are doing HIIT and weights but the food. Oh the food! I’m finding this so much easier to stick to so far, the thought of being able to have some yummy food is enough to make me drag myself up out of bed at 5am to exercise.

I’ve completed the first week and feel more energetic than I have in a long time.

 2017-05-23 10:15:21

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