5 Things I’ve Seen & Heard In The Last Week

Sunday 24th July

It’s my precious Toby’s 3rd birthday today. This morning will be for snuggles and fussing and then this afternoon we’re off to our friends to celebrate his birthday (again!)

Well, I certainly wasn’t able to watch as much TV as I did last week, unless you count Love Island, obvs. I think Ekin Su & Davide will win, btw.

I did do a LOT of reading though, I sign up to a lot of email lists, and there’s usually always something interesting in them somewhere.

Anything I don’t have time to read there and then, I add to my reading list in Google Chrome and make some time one evening or at the weekend to go through it, its become one of my favourite evening wind-down activities

For those of you with children – here’s something that may cure some of that summer holiday boredom that I saw in an email from Littlebird a website for ideas and savings for families. They are offering a 4 week free trial for FirstNews which is a weekly newspaper for children ages 7+

For those of us that have been struggling with our sleep – Happify shared some tips on How To Have A Good Day After A Bad night’s Sleep Some of them might surprise you.

On the subject of resting – SheerLuxe tells us about the 7 Different Types Of Rest. I had no idea there were so many?!

For some inspirational quotes – James Clear, author of Atomic Habits, shares some weekly inspiration in this weeks 321 email, Paying attention, staying hopeful in bad times, and ten-year plans

Song Of The Day – If you missed it, here’s this week’s playlist.

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