5 Articles On Medium That Resonated With Me On Finding My Purpose

It’s nice to know you’re not alone.

Yesterday, I wrote about finding my purpose, something I struggled with for many years, I was baffled by how I was supposed to do this.

Charlene Walters, MBA, PhD hit the nail on the head for me in her article

“What’s your why?” they say. It’s everywhere. I’m sure that you sometimes get tired of hearing it. The endless memes and motivational quotes”

5 Questions For Figuring Out Your Why (for just about anything)
“What’s your why?” they say. It’s everywhere. I’m sure that you sometimes get tired of hearing it. The endless memes…charlenewaltersphd.medium.com

I was also crippled by a complete lack of Self-belief

Gustavo Gallina shares his thoughts on letting go of things that hold us back

“We put ourselves off from attempting new things, travelling to new locations, developing new habits, or meeting new people because we are afraid of failure and the unknown.”

If It’s Holding You Back, Let It Go
What tough things have you been through in your life ? Do you wear the like a badge of honor? It’s time to let go of…medium.com

Susie Pinon also talks about letting go,

“It isn’t until you truly let go that everything falls into place.”

Clear the Clutter, Make Room For Greatness
Transformations while writing onlinemedium.com

Vivian Nunez reminds us that in all of this, we must watch out for overwhelm, a trap I easily fall into

“Being a multi-hyphenate can move from feeling invigorating to feeling overwhelming very quickly”

Are Your Hours Spent Doing The Work Or Trying To Define It?
You get to choosevivnunez.medium.com

And Justin Boyette shares some great tips on how to avoid the overwhelm

“So, find a notebook you aren’t working in and make it work for you. Make a mess of those pages. Clear your mind.”

My 3 Golden Rules to Never Burnout Again
Knowing these sooner would’ve saved me some time.medium.com

Did any resonate with you? ♥️

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2022-07-28 05:18:00

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