3 Positive Intentions I’m Setting For The Week Ahead

I feel like I had a really good week last week. Everything seems to be moving in a positive direction so my intentions this week will hopefully see things continue that way.

Strength training

Now I have managed to add walking into my daily life, I now want to reintroduce strength training. It’s so important, especially for women over 40 as the loss of muscle mass increases, it can also help improve bone density and weight loss. If that’s not enough of a reason to dust off my kettlebell and do some push-ups, I don’t know what is!

Set up social media for my freelancing

I do feel like I have a lot of social media going on, but I do want to keep my blog page and my freelancing separate so I will be setting up yet another Instagram and Twitter. I can then make sure I only follow accounts relevant to my pages.

Plan my November calendar

Working for myself is a huge adjustment for me and I am still learning as I go. I decided to plan my working days through October and it worked really well, rather than planning my work weekly around ad hoc plans, which I found hard work. This way., I know which days I am free and at what times.

What are your intentions for this week? ❤️

Photo by Madison Oren on Unsplash
2022-10-24 19:40:00

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